Frequently Asked Questions

Questions answered below:

1. How do I apply?
A: Great question, just click here!
2. How much does the trip cost?
A: You pay 200 dollars and then fundraise the rest.
3. Where do we go?
A: All around the country, you won’t know exactly where you’re going until you apply and are selected for a site. Click here to see a map of past locations.
4. How is where I’m going decided?
A: When you apply to be a volunteer, you rank your top choices of what TASK you want to do on your spring break. Then the site leaders and execs go through the pool of volunteers to decide who will work best on which trips. Then you are notified which trip you were selected for and where you’ll be going.
5. How is the trip funded?
A: Mizzou AB covers most of the expenses of the trip. This can transportation, housing, food, etc. We rely on your $200, a small amount of University funding, and a lot of fundraisers. The average trip costs anywhere from $2500-$4000.
6. Are alcohol or drugs allowed?
A: No. This is a University sponsored event, so alcohol and drugs are prohibited at all times.
7. How safe are the trips?
A: We have never had any serious issues regarding safety on an Mizzou AB trip. Site Leaders are trained by University staff in preparation for just about any event. Campus Police conduct background and driver checks on each participant/driver. Site Leaders check in on a daily basis with University staff and every movement is scripted before the trips depart so University officials always know where the students are. Safety is our number one concern and we do not take it lightly.
8. Do you go anywhere outside of the US?
A: Yes. Over winter break we now send students on an international trip. In January we send students and an advisor to the Dominican Republic.

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